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Abdul Hamid Shoman Award for Arab Researchers, 2018

Conditions for nomination:

  • Applications must be submitted no later than 30 April 2018.
  • The candidate must be Arab or of Arab origin regardless of the place of residence, and be alive.
  • The candidate has been submitted to science and society as a scientific product of scientific and community value in the last five years (2013-2017) and to have done so in an Arab country.
  • Candidates must submit a written nomination from their employer using the form mentioned in the form filling instructions.
  • The candidate should send an abstract in Arabic about the scientific output presented to the prize.
  • The winners of one of the Abdelhamid Shouman Awards for Arab researchers may not apply again. Research is accepted in Arabic or English only.Do not enter the research of the master’s and doctoral thesis in the evaluation of the scientific output of the candidate.
  • The application for candidacy shall be submitted in one of the specializations listed in the declared fields of the award only, and this shall be determined in the nomination form.
  • The scientific output and documents shall be sent at once and shall not be considered for any material sent thereafter. The candidate’s scientific output is not returned whether he wins or not.
  • The candidate shall specify, as necessary, the number of times for each published research from his research submitted to the award, the impact factor, and the publishing destination.
  • Members of the Scientific Committee and the Arbitration Committees are not entitled to be nominated for the award.
  • Applications that do not comply with the terms of the award, and those that arrive after the deadline for nomination, are not considered
  • The Scientific Authority of the Prize shall be entitled to withdraw the prize from those who won it if it is proved to be in breach of any of the conditions of
  • the award stated in the nomination invitation. Or the violation of the ethics of scientific research in the submitted scientific product, or any other breach seen by the scientific body.

The most important criteria for arbitration: Criteria for candidate excellence

  • Participate in research activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, …) inside and outside the university.
  • Contribution to community service through various activities.
  • Its ability to build local and external partnerships and to attract financial and technical support for scientific research.
  • Supervision of undergraduate and graduate students.

Standards related to the excellence of scientific production

  • Number of researches published in refereed scientific journals as main researcher and associate researcher.
    Impact Factor for research.
  • Citation count.
  • The originality of research and its scientific value.
  • How it relates to practical application and its impact on economic, social and environmental development in the Arab world.
  • The extent to which research contributes to a new addition to global scientific accumulation in the field / topic it addresses.
  • Aligning it with global research and scientific trends.
  • To receive other prizes in the field of scientific research.
  • Number of patents registered if any.