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The Arab Award for the best PhD in Social Sciences in 2018

A research into the image of the port city of la Goulette: A Socio-Anthropological Approach / Dr. Emna Harzi


“Like many Mediterranean port cities, La Goulette has witnessed the cosmopolitan experience at one stage in its history, making it an urban symbol of tolerance, where social peace and co-aesthetics result from an emotional moralism of tolerance. However, we found out that the secret lies in the concept of “co-existence”, this collective skill in managing the art of communication in a diverse society that faces challenges. This dissertation is a disclosure of our current problems on the question of heterogeneity and respect for the other’s rights to disagree, and an emphasis on the ability of humans to coexist in the light of pluralism and diversity.”


About the author

The scientific committee on the “Best Dissertation Award 2017-2018” in the Social Sciences held a meeting on 19 June 2018, and it comprised four members, whose names are listed below:

  • Dr Fathia Barouni
  • Dr Abdellatif Hermassi
  • Dr Hafedh Abderrahim
  • Dr-Ahmed Khouaja

Nominations are as follows:

  • Asma Al-Rijal (Egypt)
  • Ismahen Ben Fradj (Tunisia)
  • Saadia Zarrouk (Algeria)
  • Amel Aid (Algeria)
  • Bassam Abida (Tunisia)
  • Boutayib Ben Nasser (Algeria)
  • Joumana Bacchar (Jordan)
  • Khira Hatti (Algeria)
  • Saoud Abou Saada (Palestine)
  • Cherif Abdelhamid (Egypt)
  • Tarek Abou Hafs (Algeria)
  • Abdelfattah Naaoum (Marocco)
  • Abdelkamel Alkhaledi (Algeria)
  • Abdallah Sahraoui (Algeria)
  • Ali Hassan (Egypt)
  • Ali Chamseddine (Egypt)
  • Mohamed Tarstalli (Marocco)
  • Mohamed Lakrini (Marocco)
  • Mustapha Houhou (Marocco)
  • Manel Kadweh (Algeria)
  • Maha Ibrahim (Syria)
  • Nacer Zaabi (Omen)
  • Naima Fkih (Tunisia)
  • Nahla Nakaa (Algeria)
  • Noureddine Ben Gaddour (Algeria)
  • Nouria Laaribi (Algeria)
  • Wafa Kardamine (Tunisia)
  • Wahiba Bourbiine (Algeria)
  • Hadi Horchani (Tunisia)
  • Houda Fkili (Tunisia)
  • Mohsen Toumi (Tunisia)
  • Salma Darouiche (Tunisia)
  • Emna Harzi (Tunisia)
  • Saleh Idouni (Tunisia)
  • Raoudha Kadri (Tunisia)

After discussion, the committee agreed on the following order:

  • Dr Emna Harzi (Tunisia)
  • Dr Houda Fkili (Tunisia)
  • Dr Raoudha Kadri (Tunisia)
  • Dr Ali Hassan (Egypt)

The committee agreed to grant the award to Dr. Emna Harzi