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Closure of RESPECT Project in Collaboration with MGI, Fighting Discrimination against Sub-Saharan Migrant Children in Schools

The RESPECT project, led ASSF in partnership with Minority Group International (MGI), has successfully come to an end, marking a significant milestone in the fight against discriminatory values towards Sub-Saharan migrant children in schools. This preventive program, aimed at Tunisian children in basic education, sought to convey a strong message of integration, inclusion, and coexistence among school-going children, including those of Sub-Saharan origin.The goal of the RESPECT project was to instill a culture of respect through a playful strategy, based on a serious game developed by ASSF’s team of engineers. This innovative game was specially designed to encourage children to develop their critical thinking and understanding of human rights while promoting values of equality, tolerance, and mutual respect.Throughout the implementation of the RESPECT project, several animations were organized in various clubs and primary schools across Tunisia. These activities provided children with the opportunity to play together, focusing on cooperation and mutual understanding. Thanks to this interactive game, young participants were able to acquire essential social and emotional skills to live harmoniously in a diverse society.
Feedback from teachers and educators who integrated the RESPECT serious game into their curricula has been overwhelmingly positive. They observed that the game significantly improved the school climate by encouraging students to engage in dialogue, resolve conflicts peacefully, and foster solidarity among peers. Additionally, children displayed a heightened openness towards their peers from different cultural backgrounds.
Through the close collaboration between ASSF and MGI, the RESPECT project successfully raised awareness within society about the challenges related to discrimination in schools. The combined efforts of both organizations also contributed to strengthening educational policies in favor of inclusion and equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their origin. This innovative project has paved the way for new perspectives in combating school-based discrimination and fostering an inclusive educational environment that respects human rights. ASSF and MGI remain committed to continuing their efforts for a better and more equitable future for all children in Tunisia and beyond.