Citizenship Meetings

Citizenship Meetings 2019-09-29T04:13:47+03:00

It is a series of meetings held by the Forum in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) within the framework of the Local Governance Barometer Program and the Program to Support the Establishment of a National Integrity System in Tunisia.It was held in 4 representative states for all Tunisian entities namely Tunisia, Jendouba, Sfax and Gafsa.

The aim of these activities is to support the civil society and the actors in these areas by giving citizenship and anti-corruption associations an opportunity to introduce their activities and give the children of one side to discover the reality of the work of the associations in order to improve the efficiency of those involved in the fight against corruption and reduce the deterioration. Quality of public services: health, education, transport and municipal services…

All meetings were influenced by the following:

  • Introduce each participant to the activity, history and objectives of the organization.
  • Presenting the results of the field research conducted by the Forum, from which the most corrupt areas are identified in each of the regions.
  • A brainstorming workshop on which participants will present the results of their dialogue in the following areas.
  • Identify the causes of increasing corruption in relation to both the psychological and mental component of the individual and perceptions and factors related to the social context (positivism) and factors related to the system as a whole.
  • Make suggestions on how to resist the spread of corruption.
  • Defining the role of associations and civil society in the fight against corruption in terms of interference in the level of influence in the mind and public awareness, in terms of interference in the level of control and in terms of intervention in the form of lobbyists.