Policy Briefs

The Sociology of Smuggling and its Impact on School Drop-outs: A Field Study of the Delegation of Fousana (Kasserine Governorate)

French foreign intervention in the region was a real impediment to the autonomous, self-centered internal development dynamics. This disability of development is generalized at the level of the social system as a whole, especially with regard to the pattern of economic production, social structures and community organization expressing a priori society that is integrated into the logic of imperial expansion and colonial development. The Kasserine region, especially the North African countries more generally through our understanding of the special economic reality of Kasserine, which represents smuggling across the Algerian border, one of its parallel wings, in the face of financial difficulties characterized by the lack of production institutions, and the spread of means of action Pastoralism and its rooting between the shepherd as a tool of production and the herd as a cell of labor and production. The economic dimension is considered one of the most important determinants of the socio-cultural educational system. ”This may be confirmed in more depth in the characteristics of the pre-urban economy of Kasserine.