Policy Briefs

The State of Emergency in Tunisia: Between Security Determination and Expected Dangers

It was not surprising that President Beji Caid Essebsi, in a televised speech to the Tunisian people, declared State of Emergency for a month starting July 4 until August 2, 2015. He stated that, “Tunisia is undergoing exceptional circumstances arising from the recent terrorist assault, and the continued existence of threats, which put the country into a state of war of a special kind. In fact, terrorism aim to undermine state structures and institutions, limit people’s freedom, and attack the society’s values and living lifestyles. It requires the states to use all available possibilities to defeat this blight. The state should take all necessary measures not only to respond to terrorist threats, but also to prevent them, in order to ensure the internal and external security of the country, and protect the lives of the citizens. In fact, cross border terrorism urges us to declare a state of emergency over all the territory of the country.