Activities & Participations

A Charter for Strengthening Social Dialogue in the southern Mediterranean

On March 6-7, 2018, in Tunis, the Applied Social Sciences Forum (ASSF), and in collaboration with The Arab NGOs Network for Development (ANND), organized a national workshop on the Charter for the Promotion of Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean.

Many different stakeholders have attended this workshop such as, representatives of civil society organizations, research centers and official institutions, as well as a number of professors, experts and researchers, namely:

  • The Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD)
  • The General Confederation of Labor
  • CONECT (Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises)
  • Tunisian Organization for Social Cohesion
  • Youth Research Center Research on Public Policies for the Middle East and North Africa
  • Tunisian Think Tank Foundation International
  • Tunisian Family and Education Organization
  • Tunis Plus Center
  • Library and Book Lovers’ Association
  • Tunisian General Organization of Labor
  • Tunisian Citizenship Association
  • Rights and citizenship Association
  • Tunisian Association of Persons with Disabilities
  • “Vigilants about Our Environment” Association
  • Sustainable Development and International Cooperation Association
  • “Darb” Association
  • ROJ, or Justice Observation Network

The first day of the workshop covered the following topics:

  1. Unemployment, Social Protection and Employment Policies.
  2. The role of social dialogue in rationalizing the response to climate change in Tunisia.
  3. Unregulated employment and economic restructuring
  4. Education and vocational training
  5. Equality, equity and resistance to all forms of discrimination against women

The second day of the workshop was devoted to workshops and drafting of general recommendations. Two topics were selected for diagnosis, identification of coping mechanisms and the establishment of measurement indicators. These are fighting corruption and poverty reduction within the framework for sustainable development.