Activities & Participations

The father of arts, in the fight against violent extremism

In the framework of spreading awareness and combating violent extremism and in seeking to spread the culture of tolerance and prevention of terrorism, playwright Raouf Ben Yaghlane presented the final performance of his play “Terroriste moins quart” with the support of the Ministry of Religious Affair., as part of MEDIATE activities.

The show attempted to engage the audience in determining the fate of a figure on the verge of drifting into violent extremism. He sought to create an imaginary dialogue between himself and the character he invented. Ben Yaghlane tried to reach an end that is void of terrorism and violence, by letting “the terrorist” give the reasons that made him being recruited by extremists groups, rather than defend their country. the most important of which is the employment and social conditions, the lack of administration and the difficulty of encouraging the young individual, in addition to mentioning some of the seduction methods used by terrorists to attract and lure the “terrorist moins quart” in different ways.

The terrorist who stood on the brink of terrorism as a “terroriste moins quart” was dragged at the end of the play to being enlisted in the Tunisian Army to go to the mountains to defend the homeland. The play ended in an epic scene in which the national flag was raised at the end of the presentation on the importance of such activities in raising awareness among young people.

At the end of the presentation, a dialogue was opened between imams, sociologists, law x and media practitioners to answer the questions raised by the young man, the character in the play “terrorist moins quart” and some of the present audience who drew attention to some of the other reasons that had not been put forward.