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Who are we?

 The Applied Social Science Forum (ASSF) is a non-profit Tunisian non-governmental organization created in 2011. Through its role as an effective research institution, the ASSF aims to contribute to solving social problems, supporting reform initiatives, informing public policies, and influencing legislations and institutions

Activities & Participations

The launch of the Mediate Program

Wednesday 14 February 2018 |Activities & Participations|

The launch of the Mediate Program On Wednesday, 14 February 2018, at 10 am, a meeting was held between Mr. Abdelwahab Ben Hafaiedh, Coordinator of the EU-funded project ‘MEDIATE’ and representatives of the partnering [...]

Programs & Projects

Cafa Network
Mediate Project
Arab Security Sector Measure & Citizens' Attitudes
Policy Briefs
Almajmaa: Arab Consortium for documentation of Social Sciences theses
Arabtrans: A measure of transformations in the Arab world
Citizenship Encounters
Research & Studies Teams
Barometer of Local Governance
Barometer of Political Trust

Publications & Reports

Media Library

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